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Wedding Lab Celebrant

We celebrate your ritual and make it unique, exciting and engaging! Wedding Lab Celebrante offers a personalized ritual to make it truly exciting: an introductory speech focused on your love story, exchange of promises at the time of a "special" ritual (sand, candles, handfasting, etc.), choice of readings (poems, prose pieces), guest contributions to make the best day even more unique and engaging.  In addition we issue the ceremony booklet printed on parchment paper. The ritual will be celebrated by a professional actor who will succeed in creating an atmosphere full of emotions. We also help you in the choice of music, and we can recommend excellent musicians, or work on a foundation. During the ritual there are several moments that include a background music (at the entrance, during the exchange of promises or rings, perhaps with your song, during the readings, at the exit), the music thus becomes no longer accompaniment but true and its own sound

Matrimonio in Spiaggia

The sound of the sea will be the soundtrack of your love! Beach wedding, the dream of every couple. This location, from the seafront view, is a place  evocative and romantic, ideal setting for the big day. Here, as many couples dream, you will have the  possibility to celebrate the civil ceremony directly on the beach, which makes this location  really exclusive. Spaces and capacity The rooms have a splendid view of the intense Mediterranean scrub up to wander around  deep echoes of the nearby Villa Imperiale Neroniana.  The spaces alternate on several registers: beach lounge, terrace overlooking the sea, inside room, suspended room; is  they allow you to better manage medium and large events. Offered services The staff will take care of the organization of your wedding, being careful not to leave  nothing to chance and to make your wedding a unique and unforgettable event. Meal The rigorous selection of the chef, which is firmly anchored to the s