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Med in Style

Mediterranean Luxury Weddings & Events  Med in Style is the tailor-made event boutique. Thanks to the passion and deep knowledge of the area in which they operate, the Med in Style team creates unique, tailored events, in which elegance, style and tradition blend into the glamourous Mediterranean touch. Starting point is the custom design vision created and developed from the ideas and desires of couples, aiming to bring out the personality of the spouses into timeless destinations, loved all over the world. Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula and the Costa Smeralda become the Mediterranean scenarios for a wedding that embraces colors, flavors, scents and all the charm of the eternal Dolce Vita. We create and organize pure Made in Italy weddings and events, to be even more precise Mediterranean style weddings (hence the name MED). Thanks to our decades-long projects and background, we are able to bring the essence of the territory and our traditions to all

Irish PopCorn

Irish PopCorn is the right band for those who want an exciting, upbeat and sweeping tune that will have all their wedding guests dancing. Irish PopCorn's music is simply unique as they combine the characteristic "popcorn" touch with the most famous songs of the Irish tradition. The group is made up of five talented Roman musicians  with an Irish heart who have been playing together since 2013: Voice Giulia Paciotti Guitar Luca Santarelli Violin Glenn Abellana Bodhran Daniele Carlotti Flute, tin whistle, bouzouki, mandolin and double bass Eugenio Carreri Image a wedding celebration surrounded by nature, accompanied by lively music, a bucolic and familiar atmosphere where all the participants celebrate by dancing to traditional Irish dances. Imagine a ceremony reminiscent of the festivities in a Tolkien novel, with each invited guest back home singing a beautiful tune, recalling the times spent together. If you dream of this, then Irish music is for you! IRISH POPCORN Roma

I Due Quarti Acoustic Duo

  The Love In The End: Love wins! Together in music and life, in December 2017 (but they've played together since July 2016) Enrico and Anna began their adventure called “I Due Quarti”: he plays guitar and cajon, she sings and plays keyboards or a second guitar. During the years they got a lot of experience in various contexts, playing more than 250 italian or international songs from the Fifties to our days, including special themes: acoustic tribute to the Beatles, Woodstock Festival, Christmas parties and many more. Anna Paolantoni : lead voice, percussions, keyboards and guitar Enrico Tagliani : guitar, backing vocals, cajon and percussions United in love and music, “I Due Quarti” will make your special day even more unforgettable, with a wide choice of italian and international songs from the Fifties to our days, customized according to your needs! Every song gets brightness and joy through the use of many different instruments, as guitars, keyboards, percussions and many more


  Creator of the perfect atmosphere for your event ! A  Music service for all kind of events ... For every event make exclusive playlist ; All kind of the music ; I need few place for my sound equipment, and I can move free because i have trasmitter . MOTOVIOLINISTA Via Roma 48 28010 Cavaglio d’Agogna (NO) +39 335 834 8190