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Elena make-up artist

The perfect look for your Yes Day! Do you prefer an elegant look? Natural? Glamorous? Elena make-up artist will fulfill your desires and interpret your style in the best way, realising a flawless, long-lasting and waterproof make-up, in harmony with your dress and hairstyle, perfect both in person and in photo or video, emotion-proof during you long awaited Yes Day, and a classy and elegant hairstyle. I am a professional make-up artist with ten years’experience, I will take care of your image realising a natural, refined and flawless make-up, and a classy and elegant hairstyle. My make-up will let your beauty stand out both in person and in photo or video, it is long-lasting and waterproof, and it is in perfect harmony with your outfit and hairstyle. I generally use  Mac Cosmetics  products ( ), an internationally recognised make-up brand.  EDUCATION 2013 MAKE-UP ARTIST -  ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DEL CINEMA Bologna * 2021 COLOUR ANALYSIS CONSULTANT  -  IMAGE CONSULTANT

Maren Ollmann

Love, like art, is research, it is daring,  feeling a deep feeling, often denying it,  but ultimately facing it and living it.  Day after day we discover and build, through it, the desire for new horizons and spaces of our own, which little by little are shared and determine the conscious choice of a common destiny. I have made these spaces and horizons my personal goal, which determines my art and leads me to highlight the intimate and true desires of the people who are about to let go in front of my lens. I like contact, eyes to eyes, feeling the magic. I get inside relationships, like a third wheel who digs into you and eventually looks deep into you and becomes an integral part of that duo that is about to be a forever. My job is to stand by, to indulge and encourage you to show what you many times tend to hide. With me one dares, one is oneself, and one is oneself to the core. The function I perform is very close to that of the director, who knows the timing and the lighting, who

Pattirossi & Friends

  Refinement and Emotion A soft and captivating atmosphere, a great refinement of repertoire and expression,  to excite and make your wedding unforgettable to you and your guests. A vast repertoire that bases its roots in jazz,offering many swing, ballad, bossa nova songs,  but which also finds ample space in the most beautiful Italian songs and in international pop. The minimum training is 2 people but, depending on the needs of the clients,  they can also perform in trio, quartet and more... A refined and elegant choise! PATTIROSSI & FRIENDS Via Marco Foscarini 25  31100 TREVISO (TV) +39 340 486 0980 We offer 15% discount for events taking place  from January 2nd to May 10th!

Sissi Make Up Artist

Always be yourself, but with style ! Sissi trained at the Diadema Academy in Brescia, she made various experiences on photographic sets and then became passionate about the world of weddings . Sissi will put her experience and passion at your service on the occasion of the most beautiful and important day of your life, that of your wedding.   Together you can plan a completely personalized path, which will enhance your beauty and that will make you feel confident about yourself on the most important day of all. Sissi will be happy to welcome you and plan with you a service that best meets your needs and requirements, you will be sure that your make-up will reflect your style, your taste and your personality. The most important thing is to feel at ease always, on every occasion.   A strong empathy and the ability to immediately get in tune with the people in front of her, but above all a great professionalism that will allow her to find the perfect make-up for everyone. SISSI MAKE UP AR