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Couple Creative Photo

Wedding in Sicily... your dream comes true! The photographic style of Debora Corvaia and Marco Lo Bue is based on the reportage and documentary photography: photographing what happens during the day catching spontaneity and emotions. COUPLE CREATIVE PHOTO Via A. Dumas 21 90036 Misilmeri (PA) +39 388.7962564 +39.3427329253

Officina Fotografica

We make tradition and the future meet! Officina Fotografica is a company established by young people for young people with an aim to join botessary abroad aswell! Our team boasts the ability to please our customers from A to Z with its’ services, with both phh classic and modern styles. Our team is willing to cover any event on Italian territory and if necotography, video and drone, using all the latest equipment. We also print and compose the Wedding album. At all events, we guarantee the presence of 2 photographers and 1-2 video operators. We like to have a preliminary meeting with the couple in order to ensure that we can establish a friendly atmosphere on the day and meet the happy couples’ expectations. During the preliminary meeting, we take some shots and help the couple to relax and brief them on what we will do on the day. At the wedding reception, on the guest’s request we have an added option of printing souvenir photos in loco. During th


“BIANCAW: Photography for Your Wedding Day” ..when the Spanish boys in 2007 asked me to document their marriage in Zaragoza I did not hesitate to accept, it was a great "fiesta" that lasted for ... 3 days. The children threw the rice to the spouses already with the idea that one can marry even between males or between females, without any prejudice, the important thing is that you love each other and the family is such where, simply, there is love. I am Lorenzo Franzi, a professional photographer, I developed my first editorial works in Afghanistan, Senegal, USA, the Balkans and in Russia by publishing reportages also on national magazines. Traveling I learned to tell stories. At the same time I have been working for over 10 years in Advertising photography - Adv - and Corporate photography for Companies, Institutions and Communication Agencies. My photographic approach in the world of weddings is of a Photojournalistic and Portrait type, w

Tiziano Tommaso Castellone photographer

Our job is lightly ... exciting ... always ... Advertising photographer for over 25 years, in Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion, Portrait, Wedding. We almost always work in two and we like to do it to give maximum care to the subject.  We observe and capture with great sensitivity. We take back and excite. We are available and attentive to your requests, which we fulfill with our professionalism. We like to think that this is your day ... unique ... with our sensitivity and professionalism we will immortalize you on this journey! TIZIANO TOMMASO CASTELLONE FOTOGRAFO Via Provinciale Montalbano 112/B 31034 Serravalle Pistoiese (PT) +39 392.1695360