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Emme Events

Give shape, colour and atmosphere your most special moments! Among the first event planners in Turin, Emme Events was founded in 1999. Its creating soul is me, Marta. For more than twenty years in this sector, I’m providing my experience and competence toghether with a passion in turning your every request or need into reality.  From the very first ideas to the final realization I personally coordinate and take care of each event in all respects, interpreting creatively all your desires. I will be with you during your special day to make sure that everything goes as planned and to take care – tiptoeing - of any potential mishap. I design tailored, fresh and customized solutions, collaborating with a trusted team that over the years made every event perfect, wherever you need. Will it be the right thing? Will it be possible? The answer could only come from a confrontation. Emme Events is the confrontation of professionalism and elegance for your unique and perfect event. We use creativi

Pana Ideas

We design your memories!  We are Anna and Paola, close-knit sister, who create pana ideas; an agency that, thanking to several years of experience, follows your wedding (but not only) from A to Z…. From marriage proposal to anniversary.  Create a tailor-made event guarantees uniqueness, and at the same time you will be sure that everything will reflect your personalities and wishes. At the same time our goal is to surprise you and let you feel emotional. We love beauty, follow every single detail, take care of our couple and their guests; our support won’t br restrict to the wedding day only, we are at you disposal for everything you should need or desire that day.     Challenges hidden in every event stimulate us to research, find and implement always new ideas and solutions. Pana Ideas will meet the couple to define together the style, theme and every other detail of the wedding event. Thank to a wide network of co-workers pana will be able to let you have the most suitable solutions