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We tell your important story through pictures! Our studio consists of two partners, Sabrina and Francesca. We deal with images, static (photo) or  in motion (video). We like to stop the details, the looks, the crazy moments, the intense ones.  We  try to understand the expectations of those we have in front of us, to put our profession completely  at the service of those who receive it. We prefer spontaneous shots, smiles and real grimaces, the  looks that meet almost by chance.  We study the light to highlight the details, but also the darkness,  which allows to see things filtered. We pay attention to all that is technology and innovation, to  always return the best result. The most important thing of our photoshoots or videos is the knowledge of you, of the  environment that surrounds you, so that the right harmony is created. The shots and filming will never be set and fake!   STILLFLY  Via Martiri XXX Aprile 71 10093 COLLEGNO (TO) +39

Beatrice Studio

Love always wins! The power of love is in the simplicity of emotions. Reportage is the photographic style that has always been able to stop all this forever. Beatrice Studio, is a photographer who take care of telling your love, your joy and your most intense emotions. The photographs will tell about you every time you want to remember the most beautiful moment of union and love of your life.  Beatrice and her stuff will be there to capture every hug, kiss, look, with attention to detail and discretion.  The service offered by Beatrice Studio will be tailored to your needs thanks to a preliminary meeting where you can evaluate every detail of your day.  The team will create the reportage of the day by telling all your emotions in an elegant and discreet way. BEATRICE STUDIO VIA PACINOTTI 9     ALBIGNASEGO (PD)   3479787347

Fotostudio Kronos

 Emotion and spontaneity in wedding photography!  Roberto Fusco and the Kronos photo studio offer a personal style of wedding photography, emotional and natural. FOTOSTUDIO KRONOS Via Risorgimento 275 ZOLA PREDOSA (BO) +39 338.9075848