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True love last! Photography Talequale studio is all about us Teresa e Rossella, we take care of the whole photography end videography process, form the scratch. We believe that photography has to do with relationships and feelings and a part of our role is to make people feel comfortable with the camera In A few words just two girls coming to you wedding party and get involved in it.  In this sense our purpose is to shoot the wedding from the inside in order to capture the feeling of each particular wedding day in an honest, non-choreographed way. We are collector of moments as they come, and we believe that as the photography trend come and go, our approach will still make sense after a long time so that our picture will still hold their power in 40 years. Talequale is a small boutique studio runned by two women, Teresa e Rossella. We personally take care of the entire photography and videography process for your wedding day and any life moment might be mean

Antonello Hank Trezza Photography

We will be your best friends! We are very expansive and sociable people and we like to get in confidence with our customers immediately so that they can see friends in us. We are a group of young and creative people. We combine a dynamic photoreportage style with a fashion setting by capturing both the spontaneity of the moments and packaging images of authentic beauty. ANTONELLO HANK TREZZA PHOTOGRAPHY Via Tenente Pasquale Nastri 189 84084 Fisciano (SA) +39 392.4905772

Raffaella Georgy Fidanza

Click, click, click... great shot! My name is Raffaella and I am colorful. Even in an elegant ceremony, I allow myself the yellow tone and the coral: just a colorful touch to break the rule of a blue suit. Colors give me power, colors give me the chance to increase skills and dynamism for the best wedding reportage. I feel so empathic with people, therefore I can understand our needs and express them more likely. A useful help to make the best of the most beautiful day of your life! RAFFAELLA GEORGY FIDANZA Via Luigi Cadorna 21 21010 Germignaga (VA) +39 338.1597121

Stefano Ceretti Photographer

Emotions that tell your day! Photographer with more than twenty years of experience in the wedding field but also news and re-portage, Stefano Ceretti is used to feel in an instinctive way what he photographs, telling the emotions that he himself first feels.  Starting from # FEELPEOPLE®, his photographic/artistic socialization project, on the occasion of weddings he works according to the concept of #FEELWEDDING considering essential the direct and confidential relationship with people. As for the proposals for translating the story of the day on paper, in addition to the now traditional photo book, I propose the new and alternative #WEDDINGFOLDER, a collection of prints on fine cardboard, not bound but collected in an elegant customizable folder. STEFANO  CERETTI Viale Matteotti 25 13900 Biella (BI) +39 331.4081530