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Emanuele Pagni Photography

Your best day ever told through everlasting images! My goal is to provide you with your very own and unique photoshoot, offering everlasting memories of your wedding, from its preparations all the way to the feast. I’ll offer my passion, talent, and attention to detail in capturing the best day of your lives and delivering an intimate and moving set. Experience I’ve been working at an international level for years, having refined my skills extensively in Italy as well as in Berlin, London, and New York. I’m specialised in photo-reporting, with focus on the wedding sector, and I cooperate with international clients and publications. In the year 2013, I’ve been nominated by Nikon, for the online competition "I´m Nikon", among the best monthly photographers in Germany. I’ve opened several personal exhibits in Florence and Berlin and I’m soon to become, in August 2021, the first photographer in the world to report a wedding in a brand new de

Lisa Covalero

Let’s celebrate together your love and let’s live together the awesome emotions of YOUR day. I’m a professional photographer who looks for emotions in her shots. My approach is totally natural, I don’t impose anything to people, I just give and advice and then I leave anyone free to express as the person he/she is. I do my best to let people feel relaxed and fine, to feel comfortable and free to be who they are, that’s the only way to let emotions out and be caught in an image forever.  I believe that getting married in the greatest expression of two people’s nature, who right because who they are  chosen to promise to love each other for their whole life and this is how I want to relate you, for who you are, for the reasons why that took you to the “most beautiful day of your life”, to the elation of your love. I live the emotions right on my skin and I turn them into images just how I feel and live them, with no filters or simulation.  Me and my assistant, who even is my partner in l