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Villa Gaudia

Villa Gaudia your luxury experience in Chianti! Privacy, confidentiality, calm and total silence. The right place to rest and relax to find new energy. Just 15 km from Florence on the hills of the Chianti colli Fiorentini immersed in the greenery is Villa Gaudia. Small hotel with 5 double rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people.  Swimming pool of 300 square meters of water, outdoor Jacuzzi, tennis court. Peace confidentiality, privacy and tranquility these are the characteristics to be appreciated in a holiday spent at Villa Gaudia. EVENTS Villa Gaudia is not a restaurant nor a farm but a location for events where you can organize your wedding banquet.  It is located a few kilometers from Florence, in the valley of San Donato in the hills, in the spectacular scenery of the Tuscan countryside and represents a truly exclusive solution to celebrate your wedding. The villa also lends itself to hosting private parties, birthdays

Monica Gobbi D’Alò Wedding & Event Planner

“Let your Dreams take flight!” For those who want to live a memorable experience, who dare to dream, love beauty, recognise quality and style and appreciate organisation mixed with magic, I am Your Dreamshaper, to help you let your dreams take flight. I can help you design, plan, organise sensational, impeccable events in Rome and in Italy. Inspiration, Creativity, Magic Do not be afraid to dream big and follow your dreams. Let's explore together your fantasies, wishes and aspirations. Open your heart to their possibilities and let me make the magic to make them become reality! I will share with you my expertise, suggest possible options and creative solutions. Together with my partners, I will work with you to ensure that the celebration truly reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple and states something about your shared values and sense of life. Make a wish, and I will make it happen! Let’s have fun together in organizing your wedding! Tailor

Maria Vernetti

Whatever your idea of Love, we photograph it! As it regards the marriages and the civil unions, Maria Vernetti, thanks to her poliedric (multi-faceted) experience she manage to offer  a photographic service with the unmistakable style, an exciting story for a special day: a perfect mix of report, quality, creativity, freshness, empathy, discretion, with a constant and untiring presence and with a careful look, thanks to an all-female staff. For over twenty years I offer solutions tailored to customer needs (devoted to measure of client), taking care of all the details: both from the first essential cognitive meeting to get in tune with the needs and desires of the couple (to enter tuning with the demands and the desires of the bridegrooms) (listening before anything. Understand to solve problems); both during the entire wedding day (with my assistant, we are the first ones to arrive and the last to go away (to leave)  for a constant, discreet and untiring reportage, ca

Palazzo Torri

Between the morainic hills of Lake Iseo and the verdant vineyards of Franciacorta stands a majestic palace! PALAZZO TORRI, a splendid seventeenth-century noble villa, renovated in the eighteenth century with Baroque furnishings and decorations to be a "villa of delight" and finally enriched and enlarged by the Towers at the end of the nineteenth century. Paolina Calegari and Alessandro Torri built a CULTURAL CENACLE frequented by illustrious guests, where parties, meetings, debates and cultural initiatives took place. There are poets and writers such as Carducci and Fogazzaro, painters and sculptors such as Bezzi, Michetti, Salvetti, Venturi, Ramazzotti and Trentacoste, composers and musicians such as Chimeri, Adele Bignami and Luigi Mazzucchelli, men of church and state such as bishop Geremia Bonomelli and the minister Giuseppe Zanardelli and finally intellectuals, scientists and aristocrats of the most important families of Brescia. Paolina Calegari also ha